Meet Sommelier Lindsey Murrell at The Brickwood. This lady is a certified Sommelier and is transforming The Brickwood into Riverside’s new and only wine bar! She has an enthusiastic attitide and extensive knowledge about wine, showing everyone that wine is approachable and not a snobby hobby. Wine can be paired with any food and is to her “Drinkable Art”. This is the site for wine events and they are featured on our A Taste of Riverside Tours. My guests enjoy learning about the history and process of making wine and tasting several vintages in this unique setting. The Brickwood is already known as a unique beer craft beer. They are on their way to becoming a world class wine bar too! Guests can sample popular wines form California as well as from all over the world. Come view their eclectic collection of antique furniture from the Mission Inn and local antique shops. Local artists showcase their talents in the tables and artwork. This is Riverside’s new community hangout and site of Riverside’s past and present Art and Innovation!